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Class Costs

Drop in class: $16 [ Holiday Desk Special $6]

Two class pass: $28

Ten class pass: $130

One month unlimited: $130

Twenty five class pass: $275

Three months unlimited: $350

Fifty class pass: $525

Six months unlimited: $650

One year unlimited: $1250

Yoga Class Descriptions


Ashtanga, a discipline created over 4000 years ago and introduced to the modern world in 1948, helps the student to increase stamina, strength and flexibility. Ashtanga yoga postures are a series of postures that are always done in the same order and performed with particular breathing patterns. Each posture is connected with a Vinyasa thus creating flow. This class is a foundational class, focusing on the basics of the practice.

Donation Yoga

Donate to a local charity while enjoying an uplifting yoga class! All proceeds go to a different pre-determined charity each month. There is a suggested donation of $10. However, we welcome any amount above or below this suggestion. Class style and teacher will vary. Check schedule for current weeks offering.
Everyone is warmly welcome!

Flow & Restore

This all levels class is the perfect way to wind down the school/work week & step fully into the weekend rejuvenated. Come sweat it out in a vigorous hatha flow, working the body, quieting the mind, and soothing the spirit all while connecting with the breath. Then, we will bring out the props and get our restorative yoga on! Utilizing long holds in poses while being fully supported by props, restoratives minimize strain and maximize opening – promoting a deep relaxation of the body and mind.
Suitable for all levels

Hatha 1/2

This level 1/2 class continues to build on the key elements of hatha foundations: attention to alignment, importance of breath in asana practice, pranayama and meditation. Emphasis is placed on alignment, core strength, flexibility, balance, concentration, and breath control. We use the physical postures (asanas) as a way to connect body, mind & spirit, while also inspiring the practitioner to fine tune their ability to listen to their own body & heart.

Level 1/2

Hatha Foundations

This class is designed both for people who are new to yoga or any student who wants to grow their practice through attention to the key elements of each pose. Each class will focus on good alignment, the importance of the breath and will provide an introduction to yoga philosophy and pranayama.

All Levels

Power Yoga

Power Yoga can be described as Vinyasa, stepped up a notch. This vigorous class offers continuous movement from one pose to the next, creating an aerobic and strength building workout. This very athletic form of yoga is good for students who are already athletically inclined and would like a sweaty, challenging workout.

Level 2


Restorative yoga is used to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for balancing the body. By stimulating this system, you experience a lower heart rate and blood pressure. This also helps stimulate your immune and endocrine systems in a healthy way. When you experience stress or feel overwhelmed, it is the parasympathetic nervous system that restores balance. Restorative yoga at Lumina Sanare will help the student to completely and deeply relax through passive poses utilizing props. Come and restore your wellbeing!

Suitable for all levels

Slow Vinyasa Flow

This is Vinyasa class, only a bit slower. Slower, however, does not always equal easier. Poses are held for a longer amount of time and transitions are slower. The focus is on proper positioning, alignment and awareness. This class will break down the Vinyasa, making it easier to understand and students will build the strength necessary for more difficult poses and inversions.

Suitable for all levels

Sun Flow

Wake up. Move. Breathe. Welcome the sun (day). Set an intention. Energize. Release. Relish. Come join Carrie in a morning practice that will incorporate breath work (pranayama), sun salutations, meditation, and focused attention on a different body part each day. With the starting flow the same everyday, the practitioner is able to fully turn their attention to the breath and moving mindfully. Then we will target hips on Mondays & Fridays, backbends on Tuesdays, shoulders/arms/neck on Wednesday, and detoxifying twists on Thursday. Let’s create a morning practice ritual together!

Suitable for all levels

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow is an energizing practice that links the body and breath through fluid transitions from pose to pose. Vinyasa flow is vigorous yet accessible. This practice will vary from teacher to teacher but is not typically “gentle” yoga…rather yoga with awareness. Students will be encouraged to find their own edge, being mindful of the body’s innate wisdom.

Level 1/2

Wall Yoga

This Hatha style yoga class uses the wall as the main prop to help reinforce, and go after, good alignment. As in other hatha classes, we will be using the physical postures (asana) as a way to connect body, mind & spirit, while also inspiring the practitioner to fine tune their ability to listen to their own body & heart.

Suitable for all levels

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a quiet practice suitable for students of all levels of experience. Practitioners are offered an opportunity to surrender, slow down and come back to balance. Many of the poses are seated, supine or prone and are held with muscles relaxed for several minutes. The Yin parts of our body are the parts that lie closest to our core, specifically the bones and connective tissue. Remaining muscularly passive for periods of time gently stretches dense connective tissue of the lower back, hips and spine, which may otherwise become stiff and less mobile as we age. There is a focus on the breath, being present in the moment, relieving tension and letting go. The Yin practice includes powerful mental and emotional benefits as its practitioner becomes quiet, still and mindful of the present.

Suitable for all levels

Chakra Vinyasa

Eastern teachings describe the Chakras as centers of energy, which are located at various points along the spine. To have them in balance is to have physical and spiritual well-being. Come join Amanda for this Vinyasa style class that aligns and balances your Chakras. This healing class will leave you feeling focused and ready for your week.

Level 1/2

Yoga Pilates

Yoga Pilates classes combines the energy and movement of a Power Yoga class with the core stabilizing aspects of Pilates. This class works on building strength and endurance in the body’s core muscles, which promotes body awareness, protects the back and develops better posture. A strong core means a strong yoga practice! Pilates is also excellent for strengthening, lengthening and balancing the muscles in our body.

Level 1/2


This class is an introduction into the world of sitting Meditation. Using the breath and our 5 Senses as our objects of meditation, students will learn simple and effective meditative techniques to cultivate awareness and mindfulness within one’s existence. The class is broken down into short-guided meditations (about 10 minutes in length) with constant support and assistance from the Instructor. The last 10-15 minutes of class will be set aside for a small question and answer section addressing any inquiries student’s may have about the practice. Students of all levels, backgrounds, and systems are welcome.

Beginning Yoga

This class is for the beginner with little or no asana experience. An introduction to sun salutations and basic poses will be taught with a focus on proper alignment and breath. Basic yoga philosophy will also be woven into this practice.

Level 1

Meditative Flow by Candlelight

You’ve made it through the toughest day of the week. Come take a load off as you settle into a room warmed by the glow of candlelight. Each week, Emily takes you though gentle movements led by the breath to encourage full body awareness. This class will open up your body and calm your mind to leave you refreshed and ready for the rest of your week.

Yoga Jam

Come join Shay for an upbeat, hour of pure fun! This all ages’ class combines Vinyasa flow with free movement, foundations, dance steps & some basic capoeira, all to fun & relevant music. (Ages 7+) Kids with parents only please.