We are located at a different site while a new home on Jackson rd can be secured and refinished site. The current address is 2464 E. Stadium Dr. Ann Arbor MI 48104.In with Canopy Chiropractic.

YOGA is postponed until further notice and all packages purchased were frozen as of two weeks ago[12/15/13], to restart upon moving in to the new site.

Please “Like” us on Facebook and keep a look out on the YOGA page for classes restarting.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience!



Your health is the first step towards a life well lived.

In the present times we live in, various factors of your daily living can make it difficult to combat stress.  Allow us to help you reach your greatest potential for wellness! Each individual makes the choice whether they pursue the appropriate ventures in caring for themselves. We, here at Lumina Sanare Healing Center,  go above and beyond to guide and assist people of all types to begin their journey towards health and wellness. It is a concept that seeks to illuminate the pathway for each individual and bring them to a higher ground of understanding of what their body needs in order to live a life of higher quality. Create silence with a meditation class, strengthen with yoga and exercise, beautify and heal with skin care, acupuncture, nutrition, Chinese herbs and massage. We look forward to guiding you towards a more centered, balanced existence. Namaste!